It has been awhile since I have updated everyone on where life has taken me.  Some of you I know IRL or follow me on social media so you may know bits and pieces of what has gone on.  Let’s start with 2014 after my life took a drastic turn in a unplanned direction.

Life after Tragic Loss – It has taken some time but I am finally at peace with the passing of my grandfather. His continued pursuit for knowledge and ongoing love for his family near and far, blood or not lives inside me. He continues to shine his bright light over me as I carve my path throughout this twist and turn we all call life.

Life after Divorce – They say it takes 1 year to get over someone for every 5 years of the relationship. Well 12 / 5 = 2 years and 4 months. Well it’s been 1 year and 8 months and I can say I am over the man and the physical relationship but I miss my best friend sometimes.  A marriage is built on friendship, love and most of a common goal. Although our goal was lost somewhere along the way, my love and friendship will remain. I have taken those experiences I have learned and apply them to my life now. I know what I do want and need from a partner in marriage (both of which are slightly different), I know where I am willing to budge on my wish list and most of all to trust my instincts.
Cross Country Move – Moving to the Midwest – first Detroit now Chicago – was a big change. This west coast girl was ready to brave the elements…mostly snow to be exact. The first winter wasn’t bad (although everyone keeps telling me it was mild and I got it easy).  The midwest is a slower way of life and right now that is exactly what I have been looking for.  I have gotten to meet tons of new people – especially AOII sisters, tried many new restaurants, and ventured through tons of tourist locations.  I can’t wait to experience more.
What Reality Is Now – LIFE IS GREAT! I love the new adventure of my life. I am happy with who I am and where I want to go. I love my family, friends, work and my bright future.

Although this is a lifestyle blog and I will keep you abreast with my life and loves, I have decided to focus more towards beauty.  Makeup, skin care, and overall health and wellness is one of my true loves.  Add in some live music, sorority family, and traveling and that about sums it up.  Stay tuned for more information, reviews, and loves.