There are times in life where we find ourselves thrown into change. This change may be from something wanted or something unwanted, either way, its not always that easy to deal with. At this moment, I find myself at a cross roads. While my world has been turn upside down professionally because of a choice I made, that path is well on its way to greatness while my personal life is being turned upside down because of a choice I did not make but instead am having to respond to.

In times like these I am blessed to have a wonderful support system. A mother who I can call upon at the drop of a hat with sound advise and encouragement. A group of sisters who may or may not know what is going on but always support me with phone calls, text messages, lunch dates, and of course my favorite sushi dates.

While I know it takes time to figure out my next steps and to build this new path to greatness just like I did professionally, it still hurts along the way. It still angers me this has happened. It worries me of what may come.

As I now prepare for the moving on part, we’ll see what happens down the road…stay tuned.

Author: My Pen Named Jane

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