My Favorite Reality TV Shows

Hello my name is Jane and I am a reality TV junkie.  The first step in this blog is admitting you have a problem.  The second step is sharing that said problem with the blog-o-sphere so that said sphere can join in said problem too.

So don’t miss the following:

1.  Big Brother – This is my favorite summer reality show. They don’t wear you out with too much of it since its only on one season a year.  With such a wide variety of people to entertain you and a late night login on showtime as well, what more could you ask for.  If only I was daring enough to submit my own application.


2.  The Voice – I’ll be honest, after a few season of American Idol, I was done, but I am still going strong with the Voice.  I love that the coaches keep changing except for Adam and Blake who never have to leave in my opinion.  The talent is always top notch and for some reason my husband says I actually have a pretty good ear for singing cause I usually call out exactly what the coach is going to say is wrong.  (this coming from a person who can’t sing herself)

3.  The Bachelor / The Bachelorette – I think my favorite part of this whole thing is figuring out if I pick the right person from the beginning for the bachelor/bachelorette.  Its kind of like March Madness for me.  I do a whole bracket and everything.

While I do watch a lot of TV, these are my top 3 favorites.  Reality TV has a very short shelf live and therefore most do not last more than one season and if they do the sizzle fades. These 3 reality TV Shows seem to have lasted many of seasons.  While some are more interesting than others, with every new season, I can’t wait for it to start.

What do you enjoy watching??  What should I put on my DVR to record??

Author: My Pen Named Jane

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