My Top 5 FAVORITE Nude Lipsticks

I am sure every girl loves a good nude lipstick but everyone also has difference preference to which tone of nude will look best on them.  I personally have fair skin and thin lips so finding the right shade of nude that would not wash me out was difficult.  I finally have my 5 holy grail ones.  I grab for these 5 all the time and have a 2nd set in my travel makeup bag in my purse at all times.

From top to bottom:  Gerard Cosmetics – Buttercup, YSL Rouge Volupte – #1, Maybelline – Warm Me Up #235, Urban Decay Matte – Stark Naked, Rimmel by Kate – #14

Gerard Cosmetics in Buttercup – The formula is really smooth and this does have a more pinky tone to it.  I find this one great to layer other lipsticks with as well as put gloss on.

YSL Rouge Volupte in #1 – This is the softest of all of them.  It feels like butter on the lips.  It doesn’t have as much staying power as the others but well worth it for the right shade.

Maybelline in Warm Me Up #235 – This falls more on the mauve side.  This is probably my favorite because I can lighten or darken it with gloss without changing the tone too much.  I find it wears really well and doesn’t come off patchy at all.

Urban Decay Matte in Stark Naked – I love Urban Decay lipsticks (well actually al their products) and this matte line is awesome. The staying power is great without being a liquid lipstick and definitely not as drying on your lips.

Rimmel by Kate in #14 – This is the darkest of the bunch but still perfect as a nude. I love this one alone or with a high shine gloss over the top.  It’s really smooth and hydrating.

Well that wraps up my FAVORITE nude lipsticks. stay tuned for more of my top fav beauty products and even some first impression reviews.

Author: My Pen Named Jane

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