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2016-11-15_15-30-11I recently purchased the new Urban Decay All Nighter Foundation. I LOVE their Naked Foundation and use it all the time as my go-to daily wear foundation.  I have oily skin and the All Nighter is a full coverage (very full coverage!!) matte foundation perfect for oily skin.  I watched tons of YouTube videos about the foundation from those beauty vloggers with all different combination of skin and almost everyone loved it.  I had my doubts that everyone was telling the truth since how can everyone love the same foundation when everyone’s skin and wants are so different.  But I figured, I’ll give it a chance.


The formula is very opaque and full coverage.  I found I needed to make sure I used a small amount and built up coverage in order not to look cakey.  There is also no need to set it with a powder as it does dry down matte. I found the longer I wore the foundation on my oily skin, the better it ended up looking.  I did find that if I used a moisturizing primer (I used TooFaced HangoveRx) that the foundation applied better and didn’t cling to any dry patches around breakouts or my nose.


While it can be difficult to match your shade initially once you find the right shade its a perfect match.  Since the formula does oxidize you need to really make sure you give it time in store when picking a correct color.  Urban Decay has it broken out into quarters for their numbering system.  Anything ending in .0 is a warm undertone, .25 is a neutral undertone, .5 is a pink undertone, and .75 is a golden undertone.  Not major color tone has all the different breakouts.  I wear 3.25 which works really well with my skin tone.


When they say 24 hour wear, they really do mean it.  It sticks to your skin and doesn’t budge.  I didn’t find I needed to touch up my foundation due to my oil breaking through but I will say if you blow your nose it does break it down faster.


This is now one of my top 3 foundations which I rotate through. I recommend this product to normal, combo and oily skin folks.  If you have dry skin, you may not like it as much.

4.5 STARS!!!

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