Sisters are not born they are made

During my lifetime, I have made friends who stay for a minute but leave their mark in my life and those who last life times through thick and thin. As an only child who grew up with many children in the hold hold I was use to having people around and it was always something I loved. As I got older, I loved having having some alone time as well but still craved those special moments that only “sisters” could provide.

Alpha Omicron Pi has provided me with millions of sisters around the world with a special bond no matter if I know their name or not. All I need to know is that they believe in the faith our four founders entrusted to us back in 1897 to continue on for generations. I have found those sisters here in Las Vegas to be my second family. They are there for love and support, movie dates, airport rides, hospital visits and child births, concerts, and my personal favorite sushi dates.

Which brings me to talk about “sushi dates”.  This has become quite the tradition we have created here in Vegas for our Las Vegas sisters.  The sporadic pop up on Facebook from someone posting about a last minute sushi date and all those sisters that want to join in or just a double date between two has become quite a custom.

Lately we have been working our way around the valley trying out different sushi restaurants.  While we are not reviewing them, we do have our own critique of each one with pros and cons.  I personal favorite thus far is Sushi Bomb on Cheyenne at the 215 Beltway.  Which is saying a lot since I was always willing to drive from the north west to Henderson for Sushiwa.

There is just something about sushi that brings sisters together over a mean of raw fish.  I think its more about the bonding over various funny names of each of the sushi rolls and the good times we make while enjoying each others company.  Even last minute shopping efforts arise at the end of these events sometimes.

Author: My Pen Named Jane

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