Adventures of Gwen & Jane

A new series of a newly divorced woman and her sheltie:

Today, Gwen, my 5 year old pure bread sheltie and I traveled the lone 4 hours to Los Angeles to visit family. While I take this trip many of times, Gwen has only done this trip once or twice and always with the ex in tow so this new adventure of the two of us was blissful.  All strapped in the front seat, we started with a selfie.

While traveling along bobbing along and tail wagging to NKOTB and various other pop and country hits, I realized this was just the place I wanted to be at just this exact moment.  All the singing and bobbing (and road bumps since CA never finishes construction) made Gwen have to tinkle, so we stopped in Baker at Del Taco.  We stretched our legs, she did her business, and we even got a drink and fries (our favorite).  Now back on the road we go.  Gwen passed out quiet fast on a full tummy.

There is something to be said about the wide open road that makes it a perfect place to think about what the future holds. On this said trip, Gwen and I decided to make some short term plans for the next 3 months. We already know we will be making many more of these road trips to Los Angeles during this time period but added in the following:

  • 1 Mile Walks A Minimum of 4 Times Per Week (Get Fit Bit for Jane)
  • Organize Closet(s)
  • Enjoy an adventure with Papa (even if its only to the backyard)
  • Spend every minute possible with everyone I love. Time is precious.
Overall, this 4 hours I got to spend in the car with Gwen was entertaining. I am sure she enjoyed the many ear rubs and even the occasional mom arm coming across due to LA drivers breaking suddenly.
Until next time…