15 Concerts in 2015

I have a goal to attend 15 concerts in 2015.  Concerts and music in general make me happy.  I love all kinds of music but I find I do gravitate to pop and country more than others.  I am lucky to have wonderful friends that also enjoy concerts as much as I do so this year should be exciting.

Already booked:

March 21 – Dan + Shay (Las Vegas)
May 1 – NKOTB with TLC and Nelly (Las Vegas)
May 29 – NKOTB with TLC and Nelly (Detroit)

May 30 – Stephen Neal Band with Jason Michael Carroll (He cancelled) (Joliet, IL)
August 6 – Craig Wayne Boyd and Stephen Neal Band (Georgetown, IL)
August 7 – Stephen Neal Band (Champaign, IL)
Oct 3 – Chris Young, Stephen Neal Band, Jana Krammer, and Michael Ray (Joliet, IL)
Nov 6 – Maddie & Tae (Detroit, MI)

I can’t wait for the summer announcements of all the fall tour dates to add more to my list.  Keep checking back as I update this list and see if you are attending any of the same concerts as I am.

Who do you recommend I see this year?

UPDATE: Although I didn’t get to 15 in total, it was a great year for live music. My love for live music lives on.

Adventures of Gwen & Jane

A new series of a newly divorced woman and her sheltie:

Today, Gwen, my 5 year old pure bread sheltie and I traveled the lone 4 hours to Los Angeles to visit family. While I take this trip many of times, Gwen has only done this trip once or twice and always with the ex in tow so this new adventure of the two of us was blissful.  All strapped in the front seat, we started with a selfie.

While traveling along bobbing along and tail wagging to NKOTB and various other pop and country hits, I realized this was just the place I wanted to be at just this exact moment.  All the singing and bobbing (and road bumps since CA never finishes construction) made Gwen have to tinkle, so we stopped in Baker at Del Taco.  We stretched our legs, she did her business, and we even got a drink and fries (our favorite).  Now back on the road we go.  Gwen passed out quiet fast on a full tummy.

There is something to be said about the wide open road that makes it a perfect place to think about what the future holds. On this said trip, Gwen and I decided to make some short term plans for the next 3 months. We already know we will be making many more of these road trips to Los Angeles during this time period but added in the following:

  • 1 Mile Walks A Minimum of 4 Times Per Week (Get Fit Bit for Jane)
  • Organize Closet(s)
  • Enjoy an adventure with Papa (even if its only to the backyard)
  • Spend every minute possible with everyone I love. Time is precious.
Overall, this 4 hours I got to spend in the car with Gwen was entertaining. I am sure she enjoyed the many ear rubs and even the occasional mom arm coming across due to LA drivers breaking suddenly.
Until next time…

The Circle of Life…

I figured I would be coming home to a blog post describing in detail how Donnie Wahlberg and all the New Kids on the Block members knocked my socks off on the cruise this year but that will have to wait just a little bit….stay tuned.

Instead I unfortunately came home to some unexpected news. The news that my grandfather had passed away.  Yes if you do the math, I’m 37, my father is 62, therefore, my grandfather was getting up there in age and health, it was not something I had thought about lately. Which begs the question, what else am I forgetting to think about as life is too short to forget.  Therefore this blog post is dedicated to all those things I feel I need to remember not only to work on more day to day but also to thank my grandfather for helping to bring my distant family back together again even for just a brief passing to celebrate his wonderful life and love he gave us throughout the years.

Here are a few Thank You’s to start it off:

To my mother, who calls me day after day to check on me, chit chat, and some times even give me some jewish guilt when I need it.  You are my rock when I need it most.  You are the friend I call when I need advise. I am glad to have the relationship we do. I love that you let your light shine so bright to lead a path for me to follow.

To my father, no amount of time or distance between us makes me love you any less. I know I will always be daddy little girl on the inside.  As I have become my own adult, you have allowed me the space and freedom to wander.  I wish our paths were closer to each other as adults as they were when I was a child. No matter the distance in miles or days, remember I will always be your daughter.  Grandpa’s passing has reminded me that even though our daily lives are in different directions, we must make time for those who are farther away as they are the ones closest to our hearts.

To all my wonderful cousins – No matter how far you are both in distance and age, you are close in my heart.  To a special shout out to my cousin Cindy, who constantly picks up the phone at random times again and again to reach out me while I continue to forget to to the same.  You are always on my mind and in my heart.

To my AOII sisters – Thank you all for stepping in and picking up when I needed help the last few days, checking on me at just the right times, and even those who had no clue what was going on continuing to make me laugh as you always do because that was just what I needed.  Sisterhood really is about forever.  #ALAM

Leslie, Paty, Sylvia – Thank you for the best vacation a girl could ask for.  4 days of paradise with 3 amazing girls and all 3 of you continued to check up on me separately for the next few days.  I know Leslie and I gained 2 great new friends on this year’s boat and we can’t wait to see you both again.  BTW, how is YourNuts? LOL!

And finally, to my husband James – Without him, my life would be incomplete.  He is my heart, soul, body and mind.  He is my best friend (although I believe Gwen is his best friend). Although he did not make the trip to Los Angeles with me for the funeral, he is holding down the house and taking care of the the animals and work.  I was only home for a total of 45 hours and he fed me every meal, helped me repack my bag, shuffle the mail around, download my brain, research, and anything and everything I asked of him. I truly believe his heart is crying from my heart crying the past few days.  My life – and all the great it has in it – would not be possible without having James a part of it.  #143

My Top 5 Favorite NKOTB Songs

As some of you may know, my love for New Kids On The Block started way back in 1988.  As many marriages end in divorce, this marriage has continued on strong.  With only 14 days until I set sail on on the 2014 NKOTB Cruise, I leave you with my TOP 5 NKOTB Songs.  Every Blockhead has their personal favorites for some reason or another and these are mine. The favorites are not based on my love for Donnie…. Jordan…. Jon…. Joe…. Danny individually but the rhythmic love they make while I belt them out in the shower, my car, a concert hall, or even sitting at my desk working away day after day after day.

Each one has a different meaning and there is always one section that gets me every time.  I am determined that the author wrote the song just for me and that NKOTB is singing that section right to me.  Didn’t you know I was that special?!?!

My first Meet & Greet with my Five Favorite Boston Boys
Indy 2011

Sexify My Love – “I don’t care where we are, on the hood of my car, out in public makin love in the streets.  All alone back at home we can do anything you want, I’ll give you heaven while we mess up the sheets.”

Fighting Gravity – “Baby look up at the universe, some things attract to each other like the planets and stars. Even though I can’t read your mind, you know I think about it all the time so what’s keeping us apart.”

2 in the Morning – “Now its 9 o’clock and I thought we could talk but you ain’t given in, will this ever end, girl its almost 10. I don’t know if you’re mad at me but fuck Grey’s Anatamy cause we could drag this out all night.”

REMIX – “I like the new you, forget about the old school. I love the sexy thing you turned into, so gimme the v2, some of that love fuel, I like the beat that your body moves to.”

Step by Step – “Step 1: We can have lots of fun. Step 2: There’s so much we can do. Step 3: It’s just you and me. Step 4: I can give you more. Step 5: Don’t you know that the time has arrived.”

    What are your favorite NKOTB songs??  Comment below.